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“The energy of the mind is the essence of life”  Aristotle

Optimal Minds Neuropsychology is a practice focused exclusively in providing evaluation, treatment and educational services to Pediatric, Adult and Geriatric patients who may be experiencing cognitive problems due to an array of brain-related or neurological conditions. Optimal Minds Neuropsychological Assessment is the most in-depth and comprehensive form of evaluation that is specifically aimed at exploring behavioral manifestations of brain dysfunction across the various neurocognitive domains. Assessments can be conducted in Spanish, Portuguese and Indonesian.

For your convenience we have offices at two Bay Area locations: Walnut Creek and Santa Rosa.

The MIND is the essence of our being, without it we are unable to make sense of our experiences, our thoughts, and our feelings. The ability to express our true self and true potential depends largely upon the seamless functioning of the brain. Because the brain is what “powers” the mind, when this vital organ is functioning properly and efficiently, our goals can be realized and our essence can be expressed to its fullest.
However, when injuries or anomalies occur in the brain, the functioning of this intricate and complex organ can go awry and deeply impact our ability to perceive, process and interpret information. As a result, our lives can be disrupted in ways that are sometimes more devastating than the most terrible physical illness.
Learn more about how Dr. Ariati Rakic and the various specialized professionals (Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Neurofeedback Practitioners) in the community who work closely with Optimal Minds Neuropsychology can help.

Our Areas Of Specialty

Traumatic Brain Injury


Learning Disability